Sofa Ride

Sofa Ride

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This is definitely going to be the craziest sofa you will ever sit on. This amazing sofa ride is a must for everybody. Zooming across the clear blue waters on the top of an inflatable sofa boat is a fun and thrilling experience. If you are unaware of this ride, then this is a ride where you will be sitting on an inflatable sofa boat and will be pulled behind the jet skis. It is an extremely thrilling water sport as the huge waves come thrashing over your heads.
This ride is completely safe (to answer your greatest fear).

Best Place Beach

Port Blair – Port Blair will provide you with an exciting and fun experience of Sofa Boat Ride. The most famous beaches of Andaman that are viably accessible are being over crowded due to these exciting water sports. Andaman Water Sports Complex or Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex are bona fide locations to give you these sports to enjoy.
Rate of Sofa Boat Ride at Port Blair – INR 350/- (per person)
Elephant Island – This incredible friends and family ride is also available at the Elephant Island, Havelock. Appreciate the rushes and stumbles on this ever-prevalent water ride and take back home an experience of a lifetime. You just simply sit on the amazing sofa and appreciate as you are being taken away through the waves. It is an extremely fun-filled activity for your families and friends. You just simply recline back and appreciate the fun and thrill.
Rate of Sofa Boat Ride at Havelock – INR 600/- (per person)

Time Duration and Advisory

• You will get to ride the sofa boat for around 30 minutes.
• No swimming training required.
• You will be provided a trainer rider.
• Wear a life jacket and helmet.
• Do not speed your boat.

Basic Safety

• Besides, the Police Department, the Administration of Tourism, the Safety of Tourism team, the coast guards, paramedics as well as the rescue boats present all time will be there by you to assist you in any case of emergency.
• Safety costumes, male and female restrooms are also available at every sports location.
• Ambulance is available 24×7.
• In case of any medical supervision, the best hospital facilities are provided to the tourists. G. B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair even provides special facilities to the tourists. Additionally, Andaman Emerald Holidays will provide you with all the emergency contact numbers.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Police – 100 / 031 92 – 28 24 05 (P.S.)
Coast Guard – 15 54 / 031 92 – 23 26 81
Ambulance (Havelock) – 102 / 031 92 – 28 23 82 (PHC)
District Control Room – 10 70 / 031 92 – 23 88 81
Port Control Tower (Havelock) – 031 92 – 28 21 06

Booking Policy

Sofa Boat Ride comes in as a part of the holiday package booked with Andaman Emerald Holidays. If payment is made online and in any case due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances the ride cannot restrooms, the entire amount of the ride will The ambulance. If sofa boat ride isn’t pre-booked with us and for any reason the event is cancelled, we do not take any responsibility for refund of the amount paid.

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