Ross Island at Port Blair

Ross Island at Port Blair

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Speed Boat from Port Blair to Ross Island

Ross Island is very popular with people interested in history. It used to be the administrative capital when the British ruled India. The island was devastated by an earthquake in 1941 after which it was abandoned.
Now you can find some of the building engulfed by trees lying in ruins. It makes you travel back in time when India was fighting for its independence. Ross Island is also ideal for travelers who want to get away from the crowd and catch some moment in nature’s glory.

Speed Boat Ride to Ross Island

You have to go to the Andaman Water Sports Complex to book the tickets for Ross Island. We at Andaman Emerald Holidays can help you book your tickets in a hassle free manner if you travel with us.
It takes around 20 minutes to reach Ross Island from Port Blair.

Ross Island Speed Boat Timing

The boats for Ross Island leave from Andaman Water Sports Complex at 8:30. Based on your itinerary they can cover Ross Island or Ross and Smith Island in a single package.
You come back by the same boat after exploring the island around noon. The last boat leaves from Ross Island at around 2 pm.

Ross Island Speed Boat Ticket Price

We can arrange booking on sharing basis or you can book an entire speed boat. The ticket price on sharing basis is Rs 300 per person.

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