Port Blair Beaches


Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Corbyn’s Cove Beach is only 8 kms from Port Blair City Centre and reachable by public transport. The beach is home to some of the most exiting water sports activities in Andaman. You can go for scuba diving, boating, surfing and even ride jet skis and speed boats for some charges.
The coconut and palm trees lining the beach also make it ideal for relaxing. You can find small restaurants and eateries serving local dishes and fresh coconut water to quench your thirst. If you fancy you can also buy some sea shell jewelry sold along the beach.
The water is calm here and you can walk a long distance into the sea without the water rising above your head- that means you can swim and bathe your heart out without any fear. You can also explore the beach and see the bunkers built by Japanese army during World War.
Corbyn’s Cove Beach should be in your list if you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Jolly Buoy Beach

Day trips to Jolly Buoy Island are really popular among tourists visiting Andamans. You need to take a ferry from Woonder Jetty in Port Blair and travel for around 30 km to reach Jolly Buoy Island. The boat journey is really pleasant as you enjoy the panaroma of nature traveling through the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park.
Jolly Buoy is a small island and the beach is pristine one. You will find nature at its purest form displayed in the white sands, turquoise water and thick forest lining the beach. The view of endless horizon and dead tree trunks washed ashore inspire the artist inside you.
The island offers water activities such as snorkeling which must be undertaken during high tide. You can also take a glass bottom boat ride and experience the diverse marine life and delicate corals on the ocean floor.

Things to Remember

• Ferries for Jolly Buoy Island leave Waandor Jetty by 9 am and come back by 2.30 pm. You need to travel to and fro on the same boat.
• Jolly Buoy remains closed for 6 months in a year. Please check with authorities if it’s open before planning a trip.
• Jolly Buoy Island is a strictly no plastic zone. You should refrain from littering and keep the place clean.


Red Skin Beach

Red Skin Beach is located in Red Skin Island and you need to take a ferry from Woonder Jetty to reach here. As you appear the island, you are greeted by reddish water which gives the island its name. The water appears red due to the colour of the corals underneath and makes for a great display of nature.
You can laze on the island or go for a glass bottom boat ride to see corlourful fishes and corals of the Andamans. The beach is devoid of any habitation so you need to carry your own food and drinking water.

Things to Remember

• You need permit from Forest Department who oversees the island. Andaman Emerald Holidays can arrange your permit in advance so that you travel is hassle free.
• Ferries leave for Red Skin Island around 9 am from Woonder Jetty. You have to return by 3 pm as overnight stay on the island is not allowed.
• Do not carry plastic to the island or litter. Keep the place clean.


Chidiya Tapu Beach

If you want to beat the crowd and head to a beach where you are the only person, you need to visit Chidiya Tapu Beach. It takes around one and half hours to travel the 30 km by road from Port Blair to reach the island of Chidiya Tapu. The journey is really pleasant as you pass through forests and small hills scattered on the way.
The beach of Chidiya Tapu is well known for many things. It is said to offer some of the most extraordinary sunset views in whole of Andamans. Many tourists make an afternoon trip from Port Blair just to catch the beautiful sunset here.
You can also indulge in bird watching in the island of Chidiya Tapu. Incidentally the word “Chidiya” means bird and the island is named after the many species of birds that visit the place. Nature is at its full glory here and you can explore the forests and mangrove trees dotting the area.
The Chidiya Tapu Beach is also the starting point of the trek to Munda Pahad which takes you through beautiful coastlines and thick forests. It is advisable to take a guide and we will be obliged to arrange a knowledgeable one for you!
Chidiya Tapu is an ideal destination for nature lovers, backpackers, bird watchers and travelers who want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Andamans.


Wandoor Beach

Wandoor Beach is around 30 kms from Port Blair and can be reached by a car. You can experience the colourful corals which make Andaman so famous and spend time relaxing on the beach.
Recently the government has prohibited any swimming in the water due to the risk of crocodiles. So your only bet is to watch the beauty of nature. Wandoor Beach is also the boarding point of ferries traveling to different islands such as Jolly Buoy, Red Skin and North Bay.


Collinpur Beach

Collinpur Beach is located around 40 kms away from Port Blair city and one of the less known destinations in Andamans. It is really close to the city and you can have the beach all to yourself because of less people traveling here.
You can bask in the sun on sparkling sand and soothed by the calm blue water reaching the shore. Recently some water sport activities have begun in the beach that you find mostly during the peak seasons. The view of the sunset in the horizon with a backdrop of palm trees is also worth your time.
Collinpur Beach is located in close proximity of other attractions in Port Blair. You can visit the Cellular Jail which is only 1 km away. You can also take a tour of Ross and Smith Islands by traveling only 1.7 km from Collinpur.


Kurma Dera Beach

Kurma Dera Beach is around 40 km away from Port Blair and you need to get down at Collinpur Beach. From there you have to walk a distance of 3 km to reach this secluded and unspoiled spot. The walk takes you through mangrove creeks and the path becomes muddy at places but you won’t regret the effort!
Not many people visit the beach so chances are that you will have the place to yourself. Be careful of the water because crocodiles are commonly sighted here. You will also find a signboard warning you to stay away from the water.
Kurma Dera Beach is not on popular tourist itineraries, so it’s the right place for you if you love solitude.