North Andaman Beaches


Amkunj Beach

You have to travel 8 kms from Rangat towards Cutbert Bay to reach the beautiful Amkunj Beach. The place can be accessed easily from the main road and lies barely at a distance of 100 meters. It is the longest beach of Rangat in North Andaman and perfect for swimming, snorkeling and tanning.
The clear blue water gives a good opportunity to spot interesting marine life and you can also explore the local flora such as casurina and pandanus. You can also relax in the shade of numerous eco-friendly structures like eco-huts and watch the clouds pass by on log tepoys and log sofas.
Some rural-tourism options have also come up recently so you can spend a great time in Amkunj Beach.


Ross and Smith Island Beaches

Ross and Smith Island are known as the twin islands of North Andaman and can be reached by a boat in around half an hour from Diglipur. The islands are connected with a natural sand bar and during low tides you can walk over from one island to another creating a unique and memorable experience.
The Ross and Smith Island beaches seem like heaven with sparkling white sands and turquoise green water. You can go snorkeling or swimming and discover the marine life which makes the region popular. In the evenings, you can take a long beach walk and marvel at the beauty of the open seas and colour changing skies.
Lush green tropical forests also steal your heart away and you can go exploring the nature trails in Smith Island. You can also check out the marine sanctuary and turtle nesting point nearby.


Lamiya Bay Beach

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend time in a secluded spot, head to Lamiya Bay Beach or Lemiyar Bay Beach. You have to travel around 25 kms from Diglipur and you can find the beach just a little distance ahead of Kalipur Beach.
Lamiya Bay Beach is situated at the foothills of the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands known as Saddle Peak. The vast expansive sea with open sandy beach coupled with the green hills makes the place look like a beautiful painting.
Many fresh water streams starting from the Saddle Peak end around the beach. You can even take a tour of the Saddle Peak National Park and enjoy the soothing greenery. The Watch Tower built by the government also gives you wonderful panoramic views of the whole region.
The beach is also famous a turtle nesting point and you can see cute baby turtles running to the sea from October to March. If you are not so lucky to spot turtles, you can still collect shining pebbles and sea shells and take them back as souvenirs.


Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach can be accessed both by land and water and is located around 20 kms to the south of Diglipur Island. The beach is not visited by many people so if you are looking for some solitude then you will get it here.
You can bask in the summer sun and relax on the sandy beach in the shade of coconut trees lining the beach. The jungle around also provides a great place to have a picnic with your friends. You can also find few huts and resting places on the beach built for tourists.
The calm blue water can tempt you for a swim but sharp corals can come in our way. You need to find a suitable place before you can dive into the water! The area is not also very suitable for snorkeling.
Ramnagar Beach is also famous for spotting turtles that swim hundreds of kilometers to lay their eggs. You need to be lucky to spot eggs or small turtles which make a lifetime experience.
No one is allowed to stay on the beach after 5 pm to protect the turtles.


Baratang Beach

Baratang Island beach is located around 100 kms from Port Blair and is famous for a number of reasons.
You can find pristine beaches with the beautiful blue water of Bay of Bengal and nature at its fullest glory. Whether you want to swim or relax on the beach, the choice is completely yours!
The place is also known for the unique limestone caves with interesting formations. You may be a bit scared to enter the dark cave, but with a flashlight it can soon turn to a wonderful experience.
Apart from limestone caves and beauty of nature you can witness mud volcano, another wonder of nature. You can also trek the deep forests in the island but and the local tribes but don’t end up getting lost! The mangrove in the region is another reason people visit Baratang.
You will love the place if you are a bird watcher. Several species of birds visit the island especially at dusk. Baratang is truly a tropical experience that should be included in your list.


Dhani Nallah Beach

Dhani Nallah Beach is situated 20 kms from Rangat towards the way to Mayabunder. You can spot the entry to the beach near the Andaman Trunk Road after crossing Amkunj Beach, another beautiful destination.
The most unique part of Dhani Nallah Beach is the Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway. You have to walk around 700 meters on a raised wooden platform which goes through mangrove forests.
The walkway is the longest in India and gives you a unique opportunity to spot all varieties of mangrove in a single place. The walk is really memorable as you spendour at the beauty of nature and several small creeks that run below your path.
The walkway leads to a wide expansive beach which stretches for 56 kms along the coastline. The Dhani Nallah Beach is considered to be the most beautiful in Middle Andaman and has a gentle gradient. You can swim or snorkel but you need to find a favorable spot and stay clear of protected or dangerous areas. It’s best to ask the local people or authorities of the Forest Department which takes care of the place.
Dhani Nallah also becomes the nesting ground for turtles from November to February when many tourists visit to spot baby turtles. The beach has many amenities for tourists such as tree houses, eco-huts, log sofas, easy chairs, dining facilities and changing rooms.


Kalipur Beach

Kalipur beach can be reached by public transport from Diglipur. The colour of the sand here is grayish due to volcanic activity but the water is crystal blue. You can swim and snorkel as much as you want and spend a lovely time.
Kalipur Beach is located at such a strategic point that different varieties of turtle come here to lay eggs. You can find 4 types of turtles- Hawksbill, Leather Back, Olive Ridley and Green Turtles who lay their eggs late at night. In the morning the baby turtles run to the sea and makes for a great spectacle. The months from October to March are best to spot the turtles.
You can also check out the tranquil village of Kalipur and get an experience of the local culture.