Standard Room

2 adults
1 children
1 bed
30 m

About This Listing

Check in/out time
Check In time: 12:00 pm
Check Out time: 12:00 pm
The Space
Adult number: 2
Bed number: 1
Children number: 1
Room Footage: 30
Price: ₹2800
Not Available
per 1 Night(s)


  • dhananjay kumar

    1 Review
    "hotel kavitha "
    Pros: Good and tasty food. Breakfast : limited options but tasty food. Room was newly done i believe. compact and clean. WIFI : They have wifi , much needed in andaman considering bad network Cons : : Very far from the city center. AC in our room had some issues initially. Just okay for a day's stay probably if you are... thanks to everyone
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