Deluxe Room

2 adults
1 children
1 bed
25 m

About This Listing

Check in/out time
Check In time: 12:00 pm
Check Out time: 12:00 pm
The Space
Adult number: 2
Bed number: 1
Children number: 1
Room Footage: 25
Price: ₹2200
Not Available
per 1 Night(s)


  • shiba prasad dutta

    2 Reviews
    "Not Bad"
    Provides very basic facilities. Half of items mentioned in menu are not available in restro, bathrooms are not very clean. Only good thing is that it located near to Imp places in port Blair. Can Blair. Can be used as transit but not for stay longer than 2 days. Staff is pretty helpful though. Stayed February 2017, travelled as a couple
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