Deluxe Room

2 adults
1 children
1 bed
30 m

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Check in/out time
Check In time: 12:00 pm
Check Out time: 12:00 pm
The Space
Adult number: 2
Bed number: 1
Children number: 1
Room Footage: 30
Price: ₹8720
Not Available
per 1 Night(s)


  • amit kumar

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    Hotel PEERLESSl - Port Blair located in Port Blair, lies in close to the Port Blair Airport and offers easy access to the rest of the BEACH. The hotel is a wonderful seaside property that offers offers visitors to the beautiful view.And garden......... the hotel has been built keeping in mind our guests need to unwind, recharge, and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Offering breath-taking views of the sea, the sunrise and the sunset, the hotel is an ideal place to relax and explore an area of outstanding heritage and beauty. The property offers an eclectic mix of fine dining, leisure activities and comprehensive business facilities to its guests. Sea Shell hotel offers luxurious sea-facing rooms that are comfortable and spacious, com
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