Sea Walking in Elephent Beach Havelock

Sea Walking in Elephent Beach Havelock

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Set your expectations and desires very high when you are about to experience one of the most amazing encounters in Andaman, the Sea Walk. The underwater sea walking on the sea bed in Andaman is one of the exceptional and daring attractions that one must experience. For the very first time, Sea Link Adventures has conveyed this sport to India. This one is a standout when it comes to experiencing the reefs rich coral life and beautiful fishes.
Going for the underwater sea walk in Andaman resembles going for a submerged voyage through the reef, walking between corals, an assortment of fishes and finding the rich sea life underneath in the clearest blue water. It is one of the coolest and most effortless approaches for you and your entire family to embrace the marine kingdom in its utmost beauty.
Sea walking is brisk and simple. Appreciate the energetic splendid marine life, lively greenery, hypnotizing corals and an immense assortment of interesting sea fishes in their abode.


Sea Walking comes in as a part of the holiday package booked with Andaman Emerald Holidays. If payment is made online and in any case due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances sea walking cannot be done, the entire amount of sea walking is refunded. If sea walking isn’t pre booked with us and for any reason the event is cancelled, we do not take any responsibility for refund of the amount paid.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Police – 100 / 031 92 – 28 24 05 (P.S.)
Coast Guard – 15 54 / 031 92 – 23 26 81
Ambulance (Havelock) – 102 / 031 92 – 28 23 82 (PHC)
District Control Room – 10 70 / 031 92 – 23 88 81
Port Control Tower (Havelock) – 031 92 – 28 21 06


• Besides, the Police Department, the Administration of Tourism, the Safety of Tourism team, the coast guards, paramedics as well as the rescue boats present all time will be there by you to assist you in any case of emergency.
• Safety costumes, male and female rest rooms are also available at every sport location.
• Ambulance is available 24×7.
• In case of any medical supervision, the best hospital facilities are provided to the tourists. G. B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair even provides special facilities to the tourists. Additionally, Andaman Emerald Holidays will provide you with all the emergency contact numbers.

North Bay Island

Sea Walking is a special sport in North Bay Island which is otherwise known for its exquisite natural beauty. To benefit the Sea Walk at North Bay Island first you should buy tickets from Andaman Water Sports Complex to North Bay Island. ‘Sea Link Adventure’ arranges for the sea walk at North Bay Island.

Elephant Beach

To reach Elephant Beach you need to take a boat or trek in order to take the sea walk.


One session of sea walk is of 30 minutes. Skilled and qualified trainers will stay alongside you. Upon your landing on the beach, meet a PADI affirmed trainer who will take you to the site for sea walking. Tune in to the rules and regulations of Sea Walk from the instructor. Get your gear and the very important Sea Walk helmet and set out on a fantasy like never before.
Alert: Before you go into the deep ocean, you will experiment with the movement in the shallow waters.
Your underwater photographs will be clicked and given to you to treasure your underwater memories forever.


• The oxygen is provided into the helmet through an oxygen barrel that is kept in the boat.
• The head protector is transparent and you can see your surrounding with ease.
• Amid sea walk, you inhale regularly inside that protective helmet.
• You can actually go down to a profundity of around 20-25 feet, walk around on the sea bed.
• Anyone from the age gathering of 7-60 can do it.
• Swimming isn’t required for this movement.
• Asthma and heart patients as well as pregnant women are restricted from taking this walk.

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