Group Tour of Andaman

Group Tour of Andaman

Not everyone is aware of the exotic beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the government of India has also kept it a secret in a bid to preserve its natural beauty and authenticity of the tribal people. But now the scene has changed and many people are looking up at the Adamans as their next travel destination.

The idyllic sand beaches with calm blue water are sure to cheer your soul. The lush greenery and undulating landscape forms a peaceful yet wonderful view for those tired of busy urban life. Water sports, land excursions, nature expeditions, trekking, eating- there is so much to do in the Andamans!

Can We Visit Andaman as a Group?

There is absolutely nothing that stops a group visit to the Andamans. Right here under our services you will find extremely well managed Andaman group packages which can comfortably accommodate 20 to 200 people!

You can be a group of friends, family, corporate companies or even strangers- Andamans can be the perfect destination for group activities and things to enjoy! You can also have your personal space as we always ensure enough space so that the whole group can be accommodated comfortably.

But groups traveling to Andaman need to keep few things in their mind-

Considerations for Group Tour of Andaman

Remoteness: Andaman is a remote group of islands and you need to travel over 50 hours to reach Port Blair by sea. Regular flight tickets are also available from different airports in India but it’s always better to book the tickets in advance as the whole group may not find enough seats in a single flight.

Limited Resources: Andaman is not a touristy place like Goa or a city where you get endless options in accommodations, transportation and so on. As a large group, it may be difficult to find accommodation in a single hotel or seats for everyone in a ferry service.

We as your travel partner will always try to accommodate the group in a single hotel or transportation service such as ferries and vehicles. If it’s not possible during peak seasons, then we will put you up in maximum of two hotels in close proximity of each other.

What can we Do for Groups?

We always suggest that you plan your trip from advance and get in touch with us with your requirements. We will create the best itinerary for your group and make reservations in hotels and boats so that the whole group can have fun together.

We put our best effort so that even a single person in the group doesn’t face any hassle or inconvenience. You can always expect a memorable and flawless Andaman tour when we take care of things for you!

Don’t try to take things in your hands when you are traveling to a remote location like Andaman. With the limited options you might end up not getting reservations and wasting the opportunity of a wonderful trip!

What kinds of Andaman Group Packages do we Offer?

We have multiple group packages prepared with care which our customers just love. You can choose from the existing group packages or get a customized one as per you need.

Tell Us What You Want

We take account of several things when planning your group Andaman trip. First, we will obviously like to know the total number of people for making reservations in hotels and boats. Also, tell us what you want and if you have any special consideration or requirements so that we can arrange well in advance.

Things to See and Do

For most of the groups we have a combination of natural wonders, exciting water sports, local sightseeing, local cuisine, ethnic culture of the tribal people and other wonderful offerings. We will take you on trips to Havelock Island and Ross Island with a good tour of the capital Port Blair.

We find the beaches and resorts where the whole group can comfortably relax and enjoy their time. Anything that can cause hassle to the group will be eliminated by our expert guides and travel partners in Andamans. For example, we will never take the whole group to a beach where you find shortage of space to rejuvenate in the splendour of nature!

Group package of Andamans also include day trips to nearby islands like the Neil Island where you can soak in the solitude of the water and the sea even traveling in a group. Day tours of attractions like the Cellular Jail and other attractions in Port Blair are also added for groups!

We will also include a mix of water sports (depending on your preference) for the group- the whole team can go for sea walking, snorkeling or indulge in something exciting like speed boats or water skiing!

Accommodation and Food

Like we have said, we always try to put up the whole group in a single hotel so that you can catch up and have a great time together. In places like Havelock Island we can reserve you 3 Star of 4 Star properties. Other places like Neil Island may have shortage of accommodation options and we may need to opt for eco-tourism huts or cottages.

Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included in every Andaman group package; if you have any consideration like vegetarian food then let us know in advance so we can plan flawlessly.

We also ensure that you have the best time and arrange DJs and alcoholic beverages if you are in a mood to party (for extra cost).

Traveling to Andamans as a Group is an Excellent Idea…

…when you take the assistance of a trusted and friendly travel partner like Andaman Emerald Holidays!  We have been serving small to big groups for years and know what works best in those 570 isolated islands!

We have the best local guides with expert knowledge of local history, culture and wildlife who can quench any intellectual thirst of your group along with giving perfect directions. All accommodations for the group will be made in comfortable hotels and vehicles where everyone has ample space to spread their legs!

Travel with us for the most memorable and wonderful experience of the Andamans!

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