About Andaman Emerald Holidays

Our Friendly Travel Partner and Expert Tour Manager in Andaman and India

Andaman Emerald Holidays prides itself on being one of the leading tour operators with its main base in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Our head office is located at Port Blair which gives us a unique position to offer the best the Islands have to offer.
Our ancillary branches are located at Kolkata and Delhi and help us coordinate Andaman tours and carry out our Indian services. With our comprehensive network of offices in India and Andamans we can deliver world class service and warm hospitality even in the remotest parts of the isolated Andaman and Nicobar Islands or the daunting North Eastern mountainous parts of India.

Recognized by

We are recognized by the Directorate of Tourism Andaman and Nicobar Administration and an esteemed member of the Andaman Assotion Tour Operator (AATO).

What Services do we Offer?

Our high quality range of services is geared for satisfying the wanderlust of different types of travelers and tourists. The list of services include-

1. Extensive Exploration of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The main specialty of our service is the exclusive and expansive explorations and tours that we conduct in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
We have a list of popular packages created according to the preferences of different travelers. Whether you are coming in a group or opted for a honeymoon package, we ensure that your trip remains memorable for your lifetime. You are free to customize your tour based on preferences or budget and we will offer our humble and expert consultation to accommodate your requests.
Our specialty also lies in creating personalized tours for those travelers who do not ‘fit in’ the tourist category. We know the Islands by heart and everything that goes on here- so we will obviously give you most accurate information and create the best of what you can have in the remote Andamans.

2. Popular and Less Known Indian Destinations

The offices located in Kolkata and Delhi head our Indian tour operations. We cover extensive parts of India including popular and less known destinations. You can depend on our service and expertise for tours to places such as Goa, Kerala, Shimla and Manali.
You can even find our hospitable service in the less traveled parts of India like North Eastern destinations of Sikkim and Darjeeling. Our agency also excels in offering comprehensive tour options for the heavenly state of Kashmir.

3. Sightseeing and Day Excursions

You don’t need to travel with us to enjoy our world class services!
For instance, you might be in Port Blair and want to have a comprehensive tour of the city covering the most significant attractions. We will conduct a day tour with friendly local guide who will get you educated about anything you want to know!
The same type of explorations is also offered in other areas we cover such as Goa, Himachal Pradesh and North East. You can rely on our friendly guide and comfortable vehicle of your preference for all your sightseeing needs.
If you have enough time in your hand and want some adventure, we will be glad to help you. We can arrange nature expeditions and trekking trips in Andamans and North East with help of expert guides who know the area by heart as they were born there.
Such expeditions are not meant for everyone but if you want it and have it in you, we can get it arranged safely and flawlessly.

4. Water Sports in Andamans

Do you know the Adamans is one of the safest and most popular destinations for water sports?
Water skiing, Sea Walking, Snorkeling, Water Scooter, Speed Boats- you have an endless option of water based activities in Andamans. You don’t need to know swimming for most of the low intensity activities which are also the safest.
Your kids would love to see colorful fishes and the wonderful corals from close with the assistance of our adept guide. We even provide all safety gears such as life jackets and floating tubes so that there is nothing to worry about.
For those of you who want something that brings on the adrenaline rush- we recommend water skiing or ride on a speed boat. You will get your adrenaline shooting like a rocket and have all the excitement you ever wanted!
We arrange and book water sport activities in Andamans (including group bookings) and make it safe and fun for you.

5. Party with DJ and Alcoholic Beverages

The cool and comfortable evening breeze blowing from the sea in the Andmans is great for shaking your legs to the beats of a DJ! You can also choose to chill with a drink enjoying the lovely sunset.
We can arrange parties with special request for music, food and alcoholic beverage in the Andamans and chosen locations in India. Let us know what you want so that we can take care of things for you!
Our agency can also arrange professional conferences and spectacular weddings if you have that in mind!

6. Bookings and Reservations

Being positioned as one of the top trusted tour operators in Andamans and India, we offer and deliver top class services like hotel booking, cab reservation, cruise bookings and so on. You can book your transport including national and international flight tickets when traveling in India or Andamans.
Our range of transport services includes different vehicles and we will find something that suits your taste and budget. We can help you make some savings using comfortable but Non AC cars or get the best available SUV for tackling the mountains.
We also make reservation for boats, ferries and cruises in Andamans.
We have made partnerships and know the local hotels and can suggest the best possible accommodation options. If you want something luxurious then we have a range of 3 Star and 4 Star resorts; if you want to save money, we can book you standard rooms in a budget yet comfortable hotel or get you settled in a cozy eco-tourism cottage-
You make the decision and we will help you carry it out and ensure all facilities and amenities are duly delivered as promised.

Who are our Clients?

Well, to be honest it will take some time to note down all the types of clients we have served in the long years of our tour and travel business. Our list of clients includes people from all walks of life. We will make an effort to list the clients we have served, but the list is not comprehensive-
• Family and friends seeking some time off from their busy routine
• Groups of students out on a nature educational trip
• Honeymoon couples who love the romantic beachside candle light dinner we organized just for them
• Corporate and professional groups coming for a conference or meet
• Backpackers with a need for adventure and pocket-friendly options
• Adventurists and enthusiasts bent on exploring remotest parts of India and Andamans
Andaman Emerald Holidays – Your Friendly Manager in your Travels across India and Andamans
Be it a destination in India or Andamans, you can always rely on our experienced, knowledgeable, warm and hospitable staff to meet your needs. From giving you the most updated information to creating a perfect tour itinerary, we also cover everything in between to make your trip as wonderful and convenient as it can get!
Get in touch us for consultation and the most exciting trip in your life.